To disinfect you dishes, the dishwasher is key: high temperatures and suitable maintenance are the secrets to clean, hygienic dishes


It is very important to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of your plates, cutlery and glasses so as to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and potentially harmful micro-organisms: while, when washing by hand, these agents are likely to develop in sponges and cloths, the dishwasher can guarantee more hygienic results. So, how do you disinfect dishes in the dishwasher? And how can you disinfect the dishwasher itself?


Tips to disinfecting dishes in the dishwasher


Have you ever tried to wash dishes by hand at a temperature of more than 60°C? Surely not, because at the very least you would have burned yourself. Dishwashers, on the other hand, can reach this temperature, and therefore eliminate external agents and bacteria, thereby disinfecting your dishes. Even when you use shorter and quicker wash cycles, the dishwasher can reach much higher temperatures than those tolerated by your hands.


High temperatures, together with a special degreaser dissolved in small quantities of water, ensure clean and hygienic plates, cutlery and glasses. For best results, remember to arrange your plates and dishes properly, so that they can all be reached by the blend of water and detergent and therefore be cleaned to perfection. 


Wondering how to disinfect the dishwasher?


Wondering how to use the dishwasher to have hygienic plates and cutlery? It is important not to underestimate the importance of looking after your appliance. First and foremost comes maintenance of the dishwasher’s filter - with our appliances, however, you won’t have to clean the filter every time you use the dishwasher as the filter is self-cleaning.


And while we're on the topic of filters, the self-cleaning, stainless steel triple filter of Candy’s Brava Smart Touch dishwasher has an internal micro-filter that always supplies clean water throughout every phase of the wash cycle. The antibacterial function ensures a higher level of hygiene, thus reducing bacteria significantly 24 hours after use. Moreover, the Smart Touch models of the Brava dishwasher avail of a 75°C disinfecting cycle which lasts 140 minutes and is ideal to sterilise dishes, pans and baby bottles.


Remember also to run a cycle with the dishwasher empty at least once a month, choosing the highest temperature and using wine vinegar to degrease the inside, the drains and the pipes. If you use your dishwasher often, detergent residues and other deposits can easily be removed with our Care + Protect product kit, which allows you to clean the inside in depth and protects against limescale.


If you follow these simple tips, you can achieve excellent results, not just in terms of your dishwasher’s cleanliness but also of your dishes’ hygiene.