It is important to follow a few practical washing tips in order to keep you clothes looking like new and last longer.

Always select a wash programme that is appropriate for the fabrics that you are washing.  Statistics show that consumers on average only use three of the available wash programmes.  These are generally "Delicates",  "Cottons" and "Rapid wash".

To avoid damaging the garment fibres, it’s very important to read the wash care labels, which are specifically designed by the clothing manufacturer.

The new generation of washing machines offer a wide range of programs, suitable for all different garment types and new options which guarantee optimal results in terms of cleaning performance. As well as the possibility of saving time and water.

Selecting the most suitable programme is a good starting point in ensuring a longer life of your clothes, but there are other precautions to keep in mind.

It is not advisable not to leave clothes in the washing machine for too long after the wash cycle has finished.  By removing the clothes straight way it reduces the creasing of the garments making them easier to iron and also prevents the clothes from smelling.

When placing clothes on a drying rack always lay them flat.  If you are hanging them on a washing line, limit the amount of clothes pegs you are using as they often leave marks on the clothes.  Delicate items such as sweaters can be pulled out of shape by the weight of the water within the fabricl, so it is crucial that these items are dried by laying them on towel on a flat surface.

For shirts, it is best to hang them directly on a hanger, this way they will be easier to iron.

By following these few simple steps, your favourite clothes will remain wearable for longer!