Tips for best storage of sheets and towels

There is nothing better than a nice set of coordinated sheets and towels that keep their nice clean smell. Do you know how to best arrange this particular fabric by preventing it from curling up or keeping a good smell? Find out more.

Keep shelves clean and tidy

The first thing to do is to dedicate a wardrobe exclusively to these particular items. It will be easier to find them and it will be possible to make it keep its scent longer. Always keep the closet shelves clean and give each item its own space, without mixing different categories together.

The importance of the arrangement

When storing the sheets in the closet, do not fold them individually. Before the last fold, arrange the two sheets in order, above and below, and pillowcases and then close everything as if it were a sandwich. This way you will have complete sets and the extraction will be easier.

Always fragrant!

A trick to keep the sheets always scented is to pack them in a canvas bag after washing and ironing them, inserting a scented sheet that does not stain inside. Not only will the laundry stay scented longer, but it will also be easier to take it out!

Bathroom linen

You can also use the same method as bed linen for towels. Arrange the towels from the smallest to the largest making sure that the largest remains outside and the smallest inside. Again, you will get a stack of coordinated towels, ready to use. A rule that must not be forgotten is that of extracting the clean towels from the end and not from the beginning, in order to use all the coordinated we have and not leave any hidden in the closet!

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