Salt and rinse: two great allies

Have you ever opened up your dishwasher and found your glasses looking foggy, in desperate need of another cycle? You’ve probably thought that there was a malfunction with your appliance. But maybe there is another explanation, and it’s called salt and rinse.

In fact, they are two fundamental ingredients for effective washing. Let’s learn more about why they are so precious.

Dishwasher salt

Why is the dishwasher salt so important?  It works as a water softener to remove limestone from the rinsing water, preventing the white film to form on your dishes. It is made up of sodium chloride, useful to trap the magnesium and calcium ions, which cause hard water.

How does it work? The DW salt is not directly involved in the wash cycle: you just have to unscrew the specific cap and fill it with the salt. Don’t worry if the compartment is full of water: the salt must dissolve when used, so there is no need to keep it dry. Once you have replaced the cap, you can start the wash cycle. Remember to use only dishwasher salt because table salt is not suitable for dishwashers.

Dishwasher rinse aid

What about rinse aid? It contains the so-called “surfactants” that lower the surface tension of the water, forming a protective barrier for your glasses. The rinse aid basically prevents the formation of droplets, facilitating the evaporation of water. It speeds up the drying process avoiding any greasy lines or water streaks that may appear on your glasses. How does it work? It’s not rocket science. It’s as easy as using detergent. You just have to fill the specific dispenser and the rinse aid will be released during the cycle.

Have you ever thought that you could replace the rinse-aid with vinegar? Well, it’s a false belief! The vinegar is an acid, which may damage the appliance and the cutleries too. So, don’t ever use it!

Salt and rinse inventory

In our busy lifestyle, we obviously forget many things, let alone the salt and rinse refill.

That’s why our Candy Brava allows you to constantly monitor the level of salt, rinse, and the number of tabs left. How? Thanks to the intuitive Inventory function on the simply-Fi app, you can manage your inventory in the simplest way.