There is a right cycle for each garment

With the arrival of the winter season, we took our down jacket out of the closet. These jackets are great, insulate from the cold and are extremely comfortable. Not to mention sportswear! While in the summer we needed a t-shirt and shorts, in the winter we need insulating garments that at the same time allow us to move freely. Technical fabrics are highly functional but also difficult to wash, just a small mistake is enough to ruin them irreparably. Today we will show you how these items can also be machine washed.

Sports technical fabrics

Sports fabrics are specially designed to ensure greater breathability and waterproofness. After each activity these garments should be cleaned and sanitized to prevent the formation of bad smells. For optimal washing, both by hand and in the washing machine, do not use a temperature higher than 30 degrees and we suggest you use a special laundry net, to prevent the drum from damaging the clothes.

Down jackets

Warm, insulating against cold, wind and humidity: what more do you want? These jackets have become a must for the winter but how do we wash them? First of all, it is important to specify that these jackets should not be washed often, it is better to air them more than anything else. But if we stain them or we really need to wash them, can we do it in the washing machine? Sure, just take the right precautions! Washes never higher than 30 degrees, use a dedicated detergent and above all, avoid washing them together with other garments.

Other winter clothes

We have already talked to you in a specific article about how to wash winter clothes. The most important things to remember when approaching the washing of a particular garment are:

  • always read the label.
  • temperature never higher than 30 degrees.
  • spin never exceeds 1200 rpm.
  • do not overdose the detergent.
  • use a laundry net when possible.

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