To get the best results from washing wool in the washing machine - without the risk of it felting - it can be helpful to follow some useful tips.

The cold has now arrived and has brought with it an all-important wardrobe change, with the consequent dusting off of cosy wool sweaters, pullovers and blankets. All of this however poses a problem: how to wash wool in the washing machine without the risk of it felting? Of course, washing this fabric is not like washing a pair of jeans: you need to take some extra care - but with a few simple tips - even wool garments will come out of your washing machine perfectly clean and like new!

How to wash wool in the washing machine? Tips

When we talk about wool, it is only too easy to fall foul to washing mishaps that risk compromising the end result. To understand how to wash wool sweaters in the washing machine, or any other garment made of this fabric, you need - first and foremost - to carefully read the label. Usually, in fact, the labels on sweaters and pullovers feature an ad-hoc symbol for washing in the washing machine, generally accompanied by a number that indicates the recommended temperature. If, on the other hand, the garment features the hand wash symbol, then you will have to trust this indication. In any case, should you have any doubts, it is better to opt to wash the garment in the washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 30-40°C.

To prevent wool from felting when washing garments in the washing machine, remember to select the dedicated programme, or an option intended for delicate garments without spinning. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for cold washing. One of the main causes of felting in sweaters, pullovers and other wool garments is the fluctuation in temperature: ensure that the temperature is kept constant both during the washing and rinsing phases. If you are unsure of the programme to use, don’t panic, the Candy RapidÓ washing machine lets you choose from 9 rapid programmes as well as the exclusive Snap&Wash function, which automatically recommends the ideal washing cycle for your garments with the Candy simply-Fi app!

In addition to these indications, you will also need to pay attention to the detergent: choose a specific product for wool garments or - in any case - an extremely gentle detergent. Softener is not particularly recommended for the washing of wool in the washing machine, but if you do wish to use it, opt for an ecological fabric softener.

Did you know that wool garments do not lose colour? This is a major advantage when it comes to washing wool in the washing machine: you can do just the one wash for white, black and coloured clothing.

How to dry wool garments and how to save a felted sweater?

Once we understand how to wash wool in the washing machine without it felting, we move on to the subsequent phase: the drying of the garment. Garments made from this material must always be hung horizontally to dry, so as to keep their shape. For optimal drying, we recommend drying on a soft surface such as a towel, which you will have to place between the wool garment and the drying rack. By doing so, you will prevent the sweater from becoming misshapen or stretching should it be dangling too much. In the winter, remember to keep wool garments away from heat sources, such as heaters.

Have a felted wool garment instead that you would like to try to save? To solve the problem, try leaving the garment to soak in a solution of water and any of the following:

  • one and a half teaspoons of ammonia;
  • baking soda;
  • two glasses of milk.

Feeling ready to tackle the dreaded washing of your wool garments?