With everyday life being hectic, any down time should be spent relaxing and enjoying life, not having to worry about household chores and in particular washing dishes.

Dishwasher -v- Hand Washing

Although in the past washing dishes by hand was considered more sustainable, the University of Bonn in Germany carried out a study that has shown that this is a misconception. Hand washing dishes for a dinner party of 12 people uses approximately 103 litres of water. Whereas, using a 15 place setting dishwasher will use just 10 litres of water for the full load.

Saving Energy and Resources

A number of homes in the UK are now have their water usage monitored by a water meter, therefore washing dishes by hand could become quite costly.
The new Candy dishwashers now have a load capacity of 15 place settings and have an uses only 10 litres of water, saving you money and resources. All Candy dishwashers have now been awarded A+ energy rating, and also have an "Eco Wash" programme that allows you to make further savings. With added technology, some Candy models also have a dirt sensor that will automatically adjust the programme to fit the requirement of the wash needed, reducing time and energy.

Reducing Water Consumption

When using a dishwasher there are a few simple steps that you can do to save even more water.

  • Ensure you have loaded the dishwasher correctly to get the maximum number of items loaded.
  • Only start the dishwasher when the machine is full.
  • Use the Eco Wash programme - this will same time, energy and water consumption.

Excellent Performance and Longer Product Life Cycle

Caring for your dishwasher and keeping it maintained will enable your machine to wash with excellent performance every time. To keep the dishwasher in tip top condition you must follow a few maintenance tasks:

  • Clean the filter regularly to ensure that there is no food particles trapped.
  • Wipe down the inside of the door and door frame on a regular basis with a soft cloth.
  • Add salt to prevent the formation of lime scale

Clean Dishes Effortlessly

A dishwasher will simplify your life and limit the water consumption used.