Linen and cotton. Two fabrics with different characteristics which are both perfect for facing the summer heat. Light, delicate and naturally breathable, they are an essential basis of our outfits at this time of year – from evening dresses to simple T-shirts – hence the obvious question: how can you keep them beautiful and dazzling even after repeated cycles in a washing machine? It’s simple – just follow Candy’s advice!


Linen stands out for its ability to absorb moisture and its unparalleled feeling of freshness on the skin. It is an ideal fabric for sultry, hot summer days which, to avoid unpleasant results in the washing machine, requires a maximum temperature of 60°C (for whites) and no more than 40°C for coloured items. In both cases, it is preferable to use a mild soap or a liquid detergent for delicate items, with a non-intensive washing program.


Cotton is undoubtedly one of the most common fabrics on the market and this is partly why we regularly exploit its breathable qualities for many garments in our wardrobe. For perfect washing in a washing machine, it is important to know that white cotton can be washed at up to 95°C, while the temperature for coloured cotton should be no higher than 60°C, with a short rinsing period and the minimum possible spin cycle. For more delicate garments, such as underwear, we recommend washing “inside out” in special bags available online or in home stores. Last but not least, it is preferable to use a mild liquid detergent accompanied by a good fabric softener.

Nowadays there are more and more washing machines designed to make your laundry easier, adapting to various types of colour, requirement and fabric. In particular, thanks to Candy simply-Fi App,  Rapidò washing machine offers the innovative Snap&Wash feature, which allows you to choose the fastest and most effective program for your washes. How? Just take a photo of your laundry pile to get the most suitable program! A simple and smart way to save time and to protect your fabrics from washing accidents.