Everything you need to know to make sure that laundry does not affect your routine

Working from home gives  you more time to devote to yourself and your family. Surely the last thing you want to do is endless washing!.How many times, too immersed in work, have you forgotten to collect the clothes from the basket? Let's see together how to optimize your day so that your laundry does not interfere with your daily routine.


Size matters

The first thing to keep in mind when doing laundry is to fill the washing machine as much as possible, within the limit of its load capacity. Having the whole family at home at the same time means having more clothes to wash; there are those who play sports, those who play with crayons, colors and more, and maybe those who leave the house as keyworkers or to run errands and need to sanitize their clothes when they return. Be careful when buying the washing machine that the load capacity is sufficient for the number of people in the family. If you are single or live as a couple you can  opt for a 7 kg washing machine, if you have a large family, it is good to focus on larger sizes.


Strength of speed

Working from home has its advantages, but don’t  use all the free time you have for your chores and laundry! You need to devote some time to yourself, your wellbeing, and hobbies, so you definitely need to speed up these actions, without obviously impairing the effectiveness of cleaning. Candy can help you  by offering you the most complete set on the market with 9 quick programmes. The RapidÒ  washing machines feature the ultimate technology of Speed Drive Motor, boosting the cleaning action by up to 50% (compared to traditional motors) guaranteeing the best results ever for quick cycles.


A reminder is always helpful

During a break, you’ve started a new wash and went back to work. At dinner time, you realize that the washing machine has been running for a while and you’ve forgotten to unload it! With a smart washing machine, you won’t have these problems. Thanks to the remote control features you will always be updated through notifications when it is time to collect the laundry. Not only that, but you can also use your smartphone as a real remote, starting your wash with the simple touch of the screen.

Short memory? No problem. Thanks to the Memo Smart Wash function, the app will remind you when it's time to wash special fabrics such as curtains, linen and sports clothing


The ideal assistant

Simply-Fi App is like your personal assistant when it comes to laundry. You no longer have to worry about choosing the right program for your clothes, thanks to the Snap&Wash function, just take a photo of your laundry to get suggestions on which is the best quick program, with the right temperature and spin. The best way to save time and protect clothes with the best results.

Which self-respecting assistant would not listen to your questions? You can manage the laundry with your voice using your smartphone wherever you are or by asking your digital assistant when you are at home. Try asking how to remove a stain, or ask for maintenance advice, simply-Fi will reply.


What about drying?

What’s the point of having a quick washing machine if your dryer doesn’t follow the rhythm? Candy’s answer to this important question is the  RapidÓ Dryer and its unique set of 7 rapid programmes in less than 90 minutes. Garments perfectly dried, fabrics are smooth and fully protected and you are free to organize your spare time.


Regarding the cleaning…what about dishes?

Having survived a day of smart working, children, fitnessand laundrynow tyou have to tackle the dishesDon’t worry there’s no more unnecessary waiting with Candy's Brava dishwasher. The Brava range washes and dries your dishes perfectly in just 39 minutes with the fastest class A washing cycle on the market, thanks to the high-pressure system of Zoom 39' technology. Rediscover free time for you and your family Simplify your day.