At Candy, we try to develop products that will enrich the customers experience and constantly aim to improve the wash performance with added technology.

The "Perfect Rapid Zone" dishwasher has been designed to ensure improved washing performance.  

In the dishwasher cavity on the left hand side, we have added two additional spray arms, which automatically activate during the rapid programmes.  These spray arms ensure that the dishes loaded in this area are washed by 60% more water than the other side giving unbeatable cleaning performance.

The dishwasher has two rapid wash programmes "Ultra Rapid 59" and "Ultra Rapid 24".  Heavily soiled pans, even those left over from the pervious day will shine like new, thanks to the intensive wash cycles and the "Perfect Rapid Zone".

This dishwasher has 15 place settings and has 12 wash programmes.  It has an energy rating of A+ and uses 10 litres of water, therefore saving energy and resources.  It is available in free standing in colour options white or black and we also have an integrated version.